Annealing process and connection requirements for three-phase EI core lamination

- Feb 21, 2019-

In the process of annealing, the three-phase EI core laminate will effectively load the silicon steel sheet to be annealed into the iron box (according to the size of the silicon steel sheet, it is better not to exceed three layers for the packing), each box Preferably, the silicon steel sheet is covered with a cover plate slightly smaller than the iron box (preferably made of silicon steel sheet material), suspended into the furnace, locked to the furnace cover, pressed against the sealing ring, and connected to the circulating water pipe.

The three-phase EI core lamination needs to be connected with nitrogen when it is used. It is necessary to check for leaks during operation, and check the normal supply of circulating water. Close all valves during operation, effectively install the vacuum tube, and open the vacuum pump. Open the vacuum valve, vacuum to -1MPA, close the needle valve and then turn off the vacuum pump.

The three-phase EI core lamination needs to effectively connect the nitrogen tube to the inflation valve, open the inflation valve, inject nitrogen, and the pressure will be between 0.03~0.1MPA when it is used. Close the inflation valve to open the safety valve.