Application of UI Type Metal Lamination Core for Transformer

- Mar 15, 2019-

The UI Type Metal Lamination Core for Transformer used for the transformer itself will use 0.35mm thick cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. According to the size of the ultra-thin silicon steel sheet core, the long piece will be cut directly. To a large extent, it will be overlapped into a "day" or a "mouth".


The UI type metal laminated core used for the transformer is used to reduce the eddy current, and the thinner the thickness of the silicon steel sheet, the smaller the spliced strip will appear, and the effect will be better. This not only reduces the eddy current loss, but also reduces its own temperature rise, which is to save the material on the silicon steel sheet.


In fact, when making a UI-type metal laminated core for a transformer, it is not necessary to proceed from the above-mentioned advantageous factors. Since the iron core is produced in that way, the work is greatly increased, that is, it is straightforward. This reduces the effective cross section on the core.


The transformer is fabricated according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Two windings, one primary winding and one secondary winding are wound on the closed ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core. When it is added to the original winding, the AC power supply voltage. In fact, we must pay attention to the original Rao flow, that is, there will be alternating current.