Characteristics and application of m4 silicon steel

- May 10, 2019-

Silicon steel is an important soft magnetic material in the military and electronics industries. It is mainly used as high frequency transformers, high power magnetic amplifiers, pulse generators, general purpose choke coils, inductors, storage and memory components, switches and control components, magnetic Shielding and transformers operating under vibration and radiation conditions. Compared with other materials such as ferrite and amorphous materials, the core can be made small due to the high saturation magnetic inductance and high magnetic permeability of the 3% Si--Fe ribbon.

As a cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, m4 silicon steel has a smooth surface, a small surface difference, a good shape and good processing performance, and can be made into various shapes such as CD type, ring type and rectangular type. And the core of the specification, the application field is wide, and the frequency range of use is wide. 

The motor is basically m4 silicon steel, which plays a very important position in electrification construction. In a sense, the amount of silicon steel used in a country can measure the degree of electrification in the country, so in the long run, Electrical steel is promising. At present, electrical steel is developing in the direction of cold heat generation, cold rolled silicon steel toward high grade low iron loss and low grade high magnetic sensitivity.