Characteristics and application range of single-phase EI core lamination

- Nov 13, 2018-

The single-phase EI core lamination is designed with low-power high-quality silicon steel sheet, with low no-load loss, high output power, high efficiency, low temperature rise, low noise, etc. It is widely used in air conditioners, VCD, audio, power amplifiers, power supplies. Instruments, instrumentation equipment, etc.


The single-phase EI core laminate is also suitable for use in 50-60Hz AC circuits. It is widely used in the control power supply of general electrical appliances in the electronics industry or industrial and mining, machine tools and mechanical equipment, and the power supply for safety lighting indicators. Its primary and secondary windings are wound separately. When the secondary has only one winding, it bears the full rated capacity of the transformer. If the secondary has both control, illumination and indicator windings, the transformers with the intermediate windings are used. Its intermediate tap capacity is less than the rated capacity of the transformer, and only the highest voltage output can bear the rated capacity.


Among the energized coils, the single-phase EI core lamination itself produces a relatively large magnetic induction, which, to a large extent, causes the transformer to shrink in size. In the production process, a 0.35mm thick cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is first selected, and it is cut into long pieces according to the size of the core required, and then directly overlaps into a "day" shape or a "mouth". Glyph.