Classification requirements and process requirements of silicon steel sheet

- Jan 20, 2020-

1. Silicon steel sheet can be divided into two kinds of low silicon and high silicon according to their silicon content.


Low silicon wafer contains less than 2.8% silicon. It has a certain mechanical strength and is mainly used in the manufacture of motors, commonly known as motor silicon steel sheets;


The high silicon wafer has a silicon content of 2.8% -4.8%. It has good magnetic properties, but is relatively brittle. It is mainly used in the manufacture of transformer iron cores, commonly known as transformer silicon steel plates.


There is no strict boundary between the two in actual use. High-silicon wafers are often used to make large motors.


2 According to production and processing technology, it can be divided into two types: hot rolling and cold rolling.


Cold rolling can be divided into two types: grain non-oriented and grain oriented.


Cold-rolled sheet has uniform thickness, good surface quality, and high magnetism. Therefore, with the development of industry, hot-rolled sheet has the tendency to be replaced by cold-rolled sheet (China has clearly requested to stop using hot-rolled silicon steel sheet).