Design and application of EI laminated steel core

- Nov 02, 2018-

In order to ensure the quality of EI laminated steel core, high-performance oriented silicon steel is used as raw material, and advanced production and processing technology is adopted to produce high-quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel book strip with thickness of 0.1, 0.08, 0.05 and 0.03 mm. The obtained finished insulating coating is uniform, the insulation resistance is high, the heat resistance is good, the adhesion is strong, and the electromagnetic performance is excellent.


In the production and processing, we use advanced production technology, advanced production and inspection and testing equipment, and have strong product development capabilities, with excellent EI laminated steel core quality, has won the trust of many users. The three-phase transformer cores are usually made of transformers, which are cut into EI shapes for small transformers, and they are cut into rectangular pieces arranged side to side for large transformers.


Main applications of EI laminated steel core: 1. It can be used as silicon steel core for EI type transformer, applied to instruments, UPS, power supply, household appliances, etc. 2. Silicon steel core for ballast, used for ballast in various lighting modes. Such as street lights, commercial lighting, fluorescent lights, etc.; 3, other non-standard EI type, used for various power sources, such as pneumatic tools, household appliances, machine tools.