EI CRGO silicon steel energy-saving large amount of electrical energy and transportation requirements

- Oct 26, 2018-

In the process of making EI CRGO silicon steel, core loss and magnetic induction (referred to as magnetic induction) are used as the magnetic guarantee value of the product. EI CRGO silicon steel has low losses, which saves a lot of power, which can extend the operating time of the motor and transformer and simplify the cooling system.


EI CRGO silicon steel has a high magnetic induction, and the excitation current of the iron core is reduced, which also saves electricity. The high magnetic induction of silicon steel can make the design with the largest magnetic induction (Bm), small core volume and light weight, saving silicon steel, wires, insulating materials and structural materials, which can reduce the loss of motor and transformer and manufacturing cost, and facilitate assembly. And transportation.


 EI CRGO silicon steel is mainly operated by a motor with a toothed circular punched iron core. The silicon steel plate is required to be magnetically isotropic and made of non-oriented silicon steel. A transformer in which a strip is laminated into an iron core or wound into a core by a strip is operated in a stationary state, and is made of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel having a large magnetic anisotropy. In addition, silicon steel is required to have good punching property, smooth surface and uniform thickness, good insulating film and small magnetic aging.http://www.chenglion.com/