EI grain oriented electrical steel performance requirements

- Oct 08, 2018-

EI grain-oriented electrical steels generally require high efficiency, low power consumption, small size and light weight in motors, transformers and other electrical components. Electrical steel sheets are usually based on core loss and magnetic induction as the magnetic guarantee value of the product.

EI grain oriented electrical steel performance requirements

Core loss refers to the ineffective electric energy consumed when the iron core is magnetized under an alternating magnetic field of ≥50 Hz. This is an ineffective electric energy consumed by the magnetic flux change during operation, and is mainly used when it is used.

The heat is lost by the iron core, which causes the temperature rise of the motor and the transformer. The iron loss (PT) of electrical steel includes three parts: hysteresis loss, eddy current loss (Pe) and abnormal loss (Pa).

The electrical steel plate has low iron loss, which can save a lot of electric energy, extend the working time of the motor and the transformer, and simplify the cooling device. Since the electricity loss caused by the iron loss of electrical steel sheets accounts for 2.5%~4.5% of the annual power generation of each country, the production of electrical steel sheets in various countries always tries to reduce the iron loss, and uses iron loss as the most important indicator for evaluating the magnetic properties of products. According to the iron loss value of the product as the basis for dividing the product brand.http://www.chenglion.com/