EI iron core for transformer repair quality standards

- May 06, 2019-

The ei iron core for transformer should be flat, the insulating paint film does not fall off, and the laminated piece is tight. The silicon steel sheet on the side should not be lifted or undulated. The surface of each part of the iron core should be free of grease and impurities. There should be no short circuit or overlap between the sheets. The seam clearance meets the requirements. The iron core should be well insulated from the upper and lower clamps, the square iron, the pressure plate and the foot plate. 

There must be obvious uniform clearance between the steel plate and the ei iron core for transformer; the insulation plate should be intact, without damage and crack, and have appropriate tightening; the steel plate should not form a closed loop, and should have a little grounding; open the upper clamp After connecting the connecting piece with the iron core and the connecting piece between the steel pressing plate and the upper clamping piece, the transformer core manufacturer introduces the insulation resistance between the iron core and the upper and lower clamp members and between the steel pressure plate and the iron core, which should be compared with previous tests. obvious change. 

The bolts are fastened, the positive and negative pressure nails and the locking nut on the clamp are not loose, and the contact with the insulating gasket is good, there is no discharge burn mark, the back pressure nail has sufficient distance from the upper clamp; the through-bolt is fastened, The insulation resistance has no obvious change compared with previous tests; the oil passage should be unblocked, the oil passage blocks are not detached and blocked, and should be arranged neatly.