EI lamination core with air gap effect

- Jan 10, 2019-

We use a variety of household appliances in our daily lives. In order to ensure the normal use of these appliances, transformers are particularly important. In the structural composition of the transformer, an EI laminated core with an air gap is included. Usually, the core of the transformer is seamlessly rolled from a high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet (the sheet thickness is generally 0.35 mm or less).


It can be known from the structure that the coils in the series of transformers are evenly wound on the iron core, and the direction of the magnetic lines generated by the coils almost completely coincide with the magnetic circuit of the core, and the excitation energy and the core loss are reduced by 25% compared with the laminated type. . The toroidal core is wound by a silicon steel strip, and the toroidal core has a continuous magnetic circuit, and the laminated core transformer has an EI laminated core with an air gap.


The transformer with annular structure design does not contain EI laminated core air gap, and the electrical noise is much smaller than that of EI and C core transformers. Using vacuum impregnation technology, the core can be made into a solid whole without deformation during winding and processing. Since the toroidal core is very strong, vibration and audible noise are reduced.