EI type transformer product characteristics

- Nov 04, 2019-

1. Power: 1VA-100KVA

2. Small size, dry type transformer Kuandian dry type transformer, light weight; low noise, low no load; low magnetic leakage, calculation method of switching power supply transformer, good shielding; low temperature rise, high efficiency

3. The size can be adjusted freely according to customer requirements, easy to install

4, Jingjiang oil-type transformer, switching power supply transformer calculation method. Cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet; flame-retardant skeleton; winding is copper or all-aluminum enameled wire, the shape of the transformer using aluminum enameled wire is larger than the size of the full copper enameled wire transformer Big, but the price is cheaper than it is;

5. EI pin-type transformer is mainly used on PCB circuit board. The biggest advantage of pin-type transformer is that it is easy to install Shandong E-type transformer application:

1) Instrumentation

2) Cable TV and digital networks

3) High fidelity audio and video

4) Electrical control

5) Medical equipment

6) New energy field

7) Monitoring security system

8) Decorative lighting