Heat resistance and production requirements of steel laminate products

- Jun 05, 2019-

Steel sheet laminates have been developed in the electrical industry with high insulation, high strength, high temperature resistance and laminated plastic products suitable for various environments. Copper-clad laminates for printed circuits are also rapidly evolving due to the needs of the electronics industry. China's electrical and electronic laminates have gradually developed after liberation. China's thermosetting laminates have formed a relatively complete series.

The properties of the laminate of the steel sheet laminate depend on the substrate and the binder as well as the molding process. The laminates can be classified into the following two types according to their compositions, characteristics, and heat resistance.

(1) Organic substrate laminates - wood pulp insulation paper, cotton fiber paper, cotton cloth, etc. are used as reinforcing materials. The long-term use temperature can reach 120 ° C, and synthetic fiber products have also been developed as reinforcing materials.

(2) Inorganic substrate laminates - inorganic glass fiber cloth, alkali-free glass fiber mat, etc. are used as reinforcing materials. Long-term use temperature is 130~180 °C, even higher temperature, depending on the binder resin.