Heating and cooling rate and atmosphere of silicon steel sheet heat treatment

- Dec 30, 2019-

The heating and cooling rate in the continuous processing furnace is mainly to prevent deformation under the premise of satisfying the production efficiency. The general principle is: high temperature is slow, low temperature can be moderately fast, and cooling is slower than heating, generally <600 °C can be freely heated, > The heating rate of 600 °C is less than 50 °C / h, the temperature difference between preheating and heating is not more than 80 °C, the temperature should be slower, and the temperature below 650 °C can be accelerated.

The role of the protective atmosphere is mainly to prevent oxidation of the silicon steel sheet, and also to avoid carburization and damage to the surface insulation layer, so the dew point of the selected exothermic atmosphere should generally be controlled below 0 ° C, CO 8-12%. Also for safety reasons, the combustible components in the atmosphere should not be too high.