Hot rolling process of silicon steel sheet

- Aug 31, 2018-

The production process of silicon steel includes hot rolling, shearing, slab heating, rolling, finished product shearing, lifting plate, initial classification, leveling, annealing, finished product inspection, packing warehousing and other processes. The higher the silicon silicon steel, the worse the thermal conductivity and plasticity, especially at low temperature. Silicon steel heating should be hot, 800 ℃ below to be slow to heat up, to avoid rolling in the two-phase zone, to prevent cold water caused cracking. Hot-rolled silicon steel sheet is used as a single roll (see Laminated sheet production), a fire or two fire will be rolled to the finished product thickness. Usually the rolling temperature is 1050 ℃, and the final rolling temperature can be as low as about 700 ℃. High silicon steel shear temperature is 200~300℃, after shearing should immediately lift the board, the board temperature of about 60~100℃. Annealing is to fully re-crystallization, so that the grain coarsening, so that the residual carbon graphitization, and reduce carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other harmful elements, thereby improving the magnetic, improve plasticity. The annealing of silicon steel sheet usually adopts the hydrogen hood type annealing furnace, and the heat treatment process system varies according to steel characteristics and technical requirements.