Inspection standard for crgo transformer lamination

- Nov 06, 2018-

Regarding the repair of the crgo transformer lamination, it is necessary to follow certain standards. First, the product itself should be kept flat, the insulating paint film is not peeled off, and the laminated sheets are tight. The side silicon steel sheets should not be lifted or undulated, and the surface of each part of the iron core should be free. Grease and impurities, there should be no short circuit or overlap between the sheets, and the joint gap meets the requirements;


Secondly, the crgo transformer laminated iron core and the upper and lower clamps, the square iron, the pressure plate and the foot plate need to ensure good insulation. There must be obvious uniform clearance between the steel pressure plate and the iron core; the insulation pressure plate should be intact, without damage and crack, and have appropriate tightening degree; remember that the steel pressure plate must not form a closed loop, and should be grounded at the same time;


At the same time, it should be noted that the bolts are well fastened, the positive and negative pressure nails on the clamps are tightly combined with the lock nut, and the contact with the insulating gasket is good, there is no discharge burn mark, and the back pressure nail has sufficient distance from the upper clamp; crgo transformer The lamination is only allowed to be grounded at one point. The grounding piece is inserted between the 3 to 4 cores with a thickness of 0.5 mm and a width of not less than 30 mm. Good insulation and reliable grounding.