Installation and use of reactor

- Oct 04, 2020-

Installation and use of reactor

1. The reactor is installed in a well-ventilated room. It can also be installed together with the capacitor bank in a cabinet with good ventilation conditions. The temperature in the cabinet is not higher than 40°C.

2. In terms of limiting the closing inrush current and suppressing harmonic currents, when the reactor is connected in series with the parallel capacitor bank, the reactor can be connected to any position, but generally the reactor is connected to the front of the capacitor after the switch (see figure)


3. Before putting the reactor into operation, carefully check all connecting bolts and insulating pads for looseness or automatic fall off, and deal with them accordingly.

4. Keep the reactor clean during operation, pay attention to dust removal, and regularly conduct preventive tests.

5. If the reactor is not used for a long time, its insulation resistance and insulation level should be checked before it is put into operation again. If the insulation resistance is lower than 50% of the factory value, it should be dried before the insulation level test or put into use .

6. The air gap and winding position of the core must not be changed during the use and maintenance of the reactor.

7. The reactor core and metal structural parts should be reliably connected to the grounding grid.