Insulation coating and magnetic induction of UI laminated core

- Mar 19, 2019-

The UI lamination core is mainly operated with the core loss and magnetic induction as the magnetic guarantee value of the product. The loss of silicon steel can save a lot of power, extend the working hours of the motor and transformer and simplify the cooling system. The loss of electricity caused by silicon steel damage accounts for 2.5% to 4.5% of the annual power generation, of which transformer iron loss accounts for about 50%, 1-100kW small motors account for about 30%, and fluorescent lamp ballasts account for about 15%.

The silicon steel core of the UI lamination core has a high magnetic induction, and the excitation current of the iron core is lowered during operation, and electric energy is also saved. The high magnetic induction of silicon steel can make the design with the highest magnetic induction (Bm), small core volume and light weight, saving silicon steel, wires, insulating materials and structural materials, which can reduce the loss of motor and transformer and manufacturing cost, and facilitate assembly. And transportation.

UI laminated core insulation coating

In the process of fabricating the silicon steel sheet into a core, the UI lamination core uses continuous coating equipment to spray the insulating coating on the upper and lower sides of the steel sheet in order to improve the processing performance and prevent the eddy current loss corresponding to the self-sufficiency of the steel sheet thickness. liquid.