Main advantages and effects of silicon steel sheet of transformers

- May 31, 2019-

The higher the power of the silicon steel sheet of transformer, the different coils can be installed on both sides of the iron core, so the number of turns of the transformer can be distributed on the two wire packages, so that the average length of each wire package is shorter, and the copper loss of the coil Decrease. In addition, if two coils requiring symmetry are wound on two wire packages, a completely symmetrical effect can be achieved.

The silicon steel sheet of transformer consists of four C-type silicon steel sheets. The silicon steel sheet is called ED type silicon steel sheet. The transformer made of ED type silicon steel sheet has a flat and wide shape. Under the same power, the ED type transformer is shorter than the CD type transformer. Some, the width is larger, and because the coil is installed in the middle of the silicon steel sheet, there is an external magnetic circuit, so the leakage magnetic is small, and the overall interference is small. However, all the coils are wound on one wire package, and the wire package is thick, so the average 匝Longer, copper consumption is larger.

The main advantage of the silicon steel sheet of transformer is that the primary and secondary coils have a common wire frame and have a high window duty factor (duty factor Km: net cross-sectional area of the copper wire and window area ratio); the silicon steel sheet forms a protective casing for the winding, The winding is not easily damaged by mechanical damage; at the same time, the heat dissipation area of the silicon steel sheet is large, and the magnetic field of the transformer is less divergent. However, its primary and secondary leakage inductance is large, and the external magnetic field interference is also large. In addition, since the average circumference of the winding is long, Under the same number of turns and cross-sectional area of the core, the transformer of the EI core has more copper wires.