Method for improving the utilization ratio of three phase EI core lamination

- Dec 24, 2018-

The three phase EI core lamination is one of the main raw materials required for transformer production, and its quality will directly affect the performance and quality indicators of the whole machine. That is to say, the utilization rate of the three phase EI core lamination raw materials will directly affect the manufacturing cost, market competitiveness and economic benefits of the enterprise.


In actual production, the problems faced by transformers of different structures in the process of stacking and discharging are different. This also means that the selection of a three phase EI core lamination is also an important issue. We know that in power transformers, components made of silicon steel sheets include core laminations, magnetic shields, and current transformers.


Combined with the current structure and manufacturing process of the power transformer, there are three types of iron core structures used in the three phase EI core lamination, which are three-phase three-column iron core, three-phase five-column iron core and single-phase three-column. Iron core. Moreover, the core preparations of different structures require different technical preparation workloads.