Method for manufacturing non-grain oriented electrical steel

- Nov 22, 2018-

The non-grain oriented electrical steel can be produced in various ways, wherein at least one pass of the hot rolling is performed at a temperature having an austenite structure therein, and a plurality of subsequent passes of the hot rolling have a ferrite structure therein The temperature is carried out. By such a targeted rolling of the individual phase state ranges, it is possible to produce non-grain-oriented electrical steel, in particular during the alloy transformation, which has the best properties with respect to the requirements imposed on NO-electric steel sheets.


Non-grain oriented electrical steel utilizes lubrication rolling in at least one final deformation pass during hot rolling. By using hot rolling of lubrication, on the one hand, less shear deformation occurs, so that the rolled non-grain oriented electrical steel results in a structure that is uniform along the cross section. On the other hand, the rolling force is reduced by lubrication, so that a larger thickness reduction is possible via the corresponding rolling pass. Therefore, depending on the required characteristics of the electrical steel sheet to be produced, it may be advantageous to carry out the lubrication rolling when all the deformation passes are completed in the ferrite region.


The non-grain-oriented electrical steel can be produced in particular in the form of a reliable reproducible operation, in which the steel according to the invention is first smelted, and then the steel is cast into a thin slab which is then continuously hot rolled into Non-grain oriented electrical steel. The total deformation rate achieved in the hot rolling process in this case is preferably at least 90%, at which time hot rolling is carried out in a plurality of passes.