Non Oriented Electrical Steel Sheets

- Sep 13, 2018-

The metallurgy of silicon steels for non-oriented electricals steel sheets is very complex. Numerous precautions must be taken during the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, the processes are now well controlled and little further improvement can be expected from simple compositional modifications.

Future efforts must be focused on controlling the residual elements in the steel melts, optimizing the hot and cold rolling and optimizing the crystallographic texture development in order to enhance the performance of the finished product, since being environmentally friendly is one of the essential requirements for the future.

The market for electrical steels is large, since there is a wide range of equipment, from the simplest domestic appliances to heavy electrical engineering applications.

The introduction of high-permeability products and particularly the development of hybrid electric vehicles will be a major source of the expansion of non-oriented electrical steel sheets in the future.