Operating points of three phase EI transformer lamination

- Dec 21, 2018-

The staff should be familiar with the drawings and quality requirements in advance, and prepare the materials, spare parts, tools and tooling required for the operation of the three phase EI transformer lamination, and remove the waste sheets that are out of tolerance and unqualified; Clean the upper and lower splints, and place the clamps and insulation and seals. Note that the upper and lower clamps and the upper end faces of the auxiliary channel steel should be on the same plane with a level gauge.


Use a tape measure to measure the parallelism and diagonal of the upper and lower clips not to exceed 1 mm. The three phase EI transformer lamination are usually in a two-piece stack in the stacking process, and the middle pillars are placed in the order of "middle, left, and right", one for each three layers. When each stack is over one stage or the thickness exceeds 15mm, apply copper or flatten the block with bakelite to knock the end face of the iron core once, reduce the seam, eliminate the jaggedness of the joint and the end face, and perform shaping and self-test.


The three phase EI transformer lamination should maintain a suitable thickness, and it should be noted that a better piece should be selected as the upper and lower cover sheets of each stage. Special attention should be paid to the use of the upper yoke with a good piece, each with a creased piece. Or uncoated sheets must be separated by a good piece. After the iron core test is qualified, the qualified mark shall be hanged, and the unqualified product shall be marked with the unqualified mark.