Performance requirements and functions of cold rolled rectangular transformer steel

- Mar 02, 2019-

The function of the toroidal core of cold-rolled rectangular transformer steel is to transmit a magnetic field. When the input end of the transformer is energized, the coil will generate a magnetic field. During operation, the magnetic field will be transmitted to the coil of the other core with the core, so that the coil can be made. Inductive current is generated, and steel sheets are used instead of solid steel blocks to increase the magnetic flux of the core.

Performance requirements for cold rolled rectangular transformer steel

1. Low iron loss, which is the most important indicator of the quality of silicon steel sheet. Countries are divided according to the iron loss value, the lower the iron loss, the higher the grade.

2. The magnetic induction intensity (magnetic induction) is high under a strong magnetic field, which reduces the volume and weight of the iron core of the motor and the transformer, and saves silicon steel sheets, copper wires and insulating materials.

3. The surface is smooth, flat and uniform in thickness, which can improve the filling factor of the iron core.

4. Good punching is more important for the manufacture of miniature and small motors.

5. The surface insulating film has good adhesion and weldability, and can prevent corrosion and improve chipping property.

6. Basic non-magnetic aging.