Precautions for grounding of 0.35mm thickness CRGO transformer EI core

- Mar 11, 2019-

The 0.35mm thickness CRGO transformer EI core is the main magnetic circuit part of the transformer. It should be noted that it itself will contain the silicon level. It is made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled silicon steel sheets coated with insulating varnish. . The 0.35mm thick CRGO transformer EI core and the coil wound on it form a complete electromagnetic induction system.


For a separate grounding lead wire of a yoke clip, when a core encounters a multi-point ground fault caused by the upper core, the grounding current will flow only to the inside of the core clamp to a large extent. In the core grounding lead line, there will be no current flowing, which will cause the staff to mistake the core for failure.


The 0.35mm thick CRGO transformer EI core will be placed directly in the middle of the cross section of the iron yoke. In this way, no matter where the yoke pull-in insulation bolt is located and where the fault ground point is, the maximum induced voltage of the loop is 1/4 of the  voltage. The maximum ground current at this time is actually It will also be a few amps, which is much smaller than the magnetic core grounding piece, which is directly placed in other positions.


The 0.35mm thick CRGO transformer EI core grounding piece is placed in another position. To a large extent, it should be noted that the insulating bolt of the yoke pull belt and the grounding piece of the yoke should be placed diagonally. It prevents the generation of large currents.