Processability and composition requirements of EI type core for three phase transformer

- Dec 28, 2018-

The core of the EI type three-phase transformer and the iron yoke are not in one plane, and there are radiant, involute, and symmetrical types. Because the magnetic flux distribution is relatively uniform, the loss can be reduced. The flat core and the iron yoke are in the same plane. , high mechanical strength and good processability.

The EI type three-phase transformer core is generally a stacked iron core when it is operated, and is formed by stacking iron cores. There are many forms of rolled iron cores. The air gap between the ingot of the involute core and the iron yoke is large, affecting the no-load current, so the capacity cannot be made too small; but because the leakage flux vertically enters the plane of the iron chip, affecting the additional loss, the width of the sheet is not suitable. Too big, that is, the capacity cannot be too large.

Composition of EI type three-phase transformer core

1. The core body and magnetic conductor are made of electrical steel sheets.

2. Fasteners, clips, screws, glass ties, just ties and pads.

3. Insulation, clip insulation, insulation and insulation pads, grounding lugs and feet.