Reasons for transformer to use silicon steel sheet as iron core

- May 08, 2020-

Commonly used transformer cores are generally made of silicon steel sheets.

Silicon steel is a kind of silicon (silicon is also called silicon) steel, and its silicon content is 0.8 to 4.8%. The core of the transformer made of silicon steel is because silicon steel itself is a magnetic substance with strong magnetic permeability. In the energized coil, it can generate a large magnetic induction intensity, which can reduce the size of the transformer.

We know that the actual transformer always works in the AC state, and the power loss of the servo hydraulic cylinder is not only in the resistance of the coil, but also in the iron core under the alternating current magnetization. The power loss in the iron core is usually called "iron loss". The iron loss is caused by two reasons, one is "hysteresis loss" and the other is "eddy current loss".

Hysteresis loss is the iron loss due to the presence of hysteresis during the magnetization of the iron core. The size of this loss is proportional to the size of the area surrounded by the hysteresis loop of the material. The hysteresis loop of silicon steel is narrow, and the core of the transformer used for the transformer has a small hysteresis loss, which can greatly reduce the degree of heat generation.