Silicon steel sheet application

- Dec 09, 2019-

Silicon steel sheet application industry 1: Application of astronomy, aviation business, China's launch of the "Shenzhou VI" part of the parts used silicon steel sheet, but the production accuracy and specifications of this silicon steel sheet are customized, and we generally use Silicon steel sheets are still very different. After all, aerospace engineering can't be sloppy, and its standard requirements are very high.

Steel sheet application industry 2: used in electronic equipment, small electronic equipment motor needs to be made of silicon steel sheet, and some other parts need silicon steel sheet for production.

Silicon steel sheet application industry three: applied to a variety of large-scale production machinery and equipment. For example, air compressors, air compressors, etc., have silicon steel sheets, and the requirements for silicon steel sheets are cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which can help mechanical equipment to better play its role.

Silicon steel sheet application industry four: used in small household appliances, some small household electrical appliances used in our lives, such as refrigerators, can see the figure of silicon steel sheet.