Silicon steel sheet heat treatment temperature

- Dec 26, 2019-

The temperature will affect the grain size and stress strain of the silicon steel after annealing, and the grain size will affect the iron loss value. Generally, the magnetic hysteresis loss will decrease when the grain is large, but the eddy current loss will increase. In addition, too high temperature will affect the original insulation layer of silicon steel, and the higher the temperature, the higher the requirement for non-oxidation of the shielding gas, so it is necessary to grasp the proper annealing temperature, not too high. Generally, the temperature of non-oriented silicon steel is 680 °C-750 °C (depending on the material of silicon steel sheet, the low-grade non-oriented silicon steel sheet is low-grade domestic B50A600, 50W600, 50AW600, 50WW540, the general annealing temperature is about 680 °C, the same material can be imported properly + 20 ° C, no orientation high grade general annealing temperature is about 750 ° C. Cold rolled oriented silicon steel sheet generally annealing temperature is about 820 ° C).