Silicon steel stamping sheet stamping process design requirements

- Dec 26, 2018-

Before the stamping process, the silicon steel stamping sheet needs to determine the specific scheme, and complete the relevant calculation of the mold design, including the punching force, pressure center, cutting edge size, etc., as well as the mold structure design (concave and concave mold structure, standard formwork) , fixed parts, unloading parts, etc.).


Then according to the process plan of the silicon steel stamping sheet, draw the drawings such as the assembly drawing of the mold, and sequentially improve and determine the structure and size of each part, and try to use the standard combination structure and standard parts. After comparative analysis of the scheme, the selection of composite stamping dies for production and processing not only improves production efficiency but also is economical, and the mold design and manufacture are relatively simple.


Specifically, it is calculated according to the drawing of the silicon steel stamping sheet, and then the pressure center, material utilization rate, drawing layout diagram of the part is calculated, and when all the parameters are calculated, the assembly scheme of the mold is completed. The design and assembly requirements for major parts are analyzed. In addition to the design specifications in the design process, it also includes assembly drawings of the mold, parts drawings of non-standard parts, and so on.