Single phase EI lamination silicon steel use and insulation coating

- Oct 22, 2018-

Single phase EI lamination silicon steel is a work of softening the steel strip material in the cold stamping project. It is mainly used for the production of deep-processing steel and high-tensile steel by box metal heating and rapid cooling. Retreat) annealing and continuous annealing.


Insulating coating of Single phase EI lamination silicon steel 


When Single phase EI lamination silicon steel is effective in processing its silicon steel sheet into iron core, in order to improve its processing performance and prevent the eddy current loss equivalent to the self-sufficiency of the steel sheet thickness, continuous coating equipment is used to spray the insulating coating liquid on the upper and lower sides of the steel sheet.


Single phase EI lamination silicon steel use


A very important soft magnetic material that can be directly used in the electronics industry when used, mainly as a high frequency transformer, high power magnetic amplifier, pulse generator, universal choke coil, inductor, storage and memory. Components, switches and control components, magnetic shielding and transformers operating under vibration and radiation conditions.


 Non-oriented silicon steel use


 Use of hot rolled silicon steel: Hot rolled electrical steel is mainly used in some small motors, micro motors, such as some low quality washing machines, exhaust hood motors, and some high specification inefficient motors can be used for hot rolling 450.