Transformer core assembly process requirements

- May 20, 2020-

1. Moving coil iron core stacking

a. Flanging one end of the rivet to shape

b. Place the processed silicon steel sheet on a special fixture for lamination stacking. The iron chip is trimmed while being installed and ensured that it is perpendicular to the bottom plane without eccentricity. A

c. After the iron core is stacked and clamped with a pressure plate, measure its stack thickness to make it meet the requirements of the drawings.

d. Combine the rivets with washers, insulating pads, and insulating sleeves for flanging to ensure that the fastening degree of each rivet is consistent.  

e. After assembling the upper and lower clips and the iron core riveting, stack the lower iron yoke and level it, assemble the clips and install the insulating pad, then use the screw to match the insulating sleeve, insulating pad, washer, spring, washer Tighten with nuts and ensure that the length of the screws on both ends is the same.

2. The stacking of the moving iron core

After the iron core is stacked, heat insulation pads and insulation pads are added, and the left and right clamping pieces are assembled for fastening.