Transformer core lamination normal operation and composition requirements

- Jun 26, 2019-

The transformer core lamination is composed of silicon steel sheet. In order to reduce the eddy current, there is a certain insulation resistance between the sheets (generally only a few ohms to several tens of ohms). Since the inter-chip capacitance is extremely large, it can be regarded as a path in the alternating electric field. Therefore, the entire core stack potential can be clamped to the ground potential with only a little grounding in the core.

Transformer core lamination When the iron core or its metal parts are grounded at two or more points (multiple points), a closed loop is formed between the grounding points, and the magnetic flux of the key chain part induces an electromotive force and forms a loop. Road, causing local overheating and even burning the core.

The transformer core is only grounded at one point, so it can be grounded normally. That is, the core must be grounded and must be grounded at one point.

Separately set a yoke clamp grounding lead. Because if the iron core hits the upper clamp and causes multiple ground faults, the ground current only flows inside the core clamp, and no current flows through the core ground lead, which may cause the staff to mistake the core for failure; After setting, no matter where the iron core hits the clip, it will form a loop through two grounding outer leads, so that the ground current can be detected correctly on the outside.