Transformer core quality inspection standard

- May 02, 2020-

1. The iron core of the press should be flat, the insulating paint film should not fall off, the lamination should be tight, the silicon steel sheets on the sides should not be warped or wavy, the surface of the iron core should be free of grease and impurities, and there should be no short circuit or lap The connection phenomenon, the gap between the joints meet the requirements; good insulation should be maintained between the upper and lower clamps, the square iron, the pressure plate, and the bottom plate.

2. The transformer iron core requires a clear and uniform gap between the steel pressure plate and the iron core; the insulation pressure plate should be kept intact, free of damage and cracks, and have appropriate tightening; the steel pressure plate should not form a closed loop, and should be grounded a little; After opening the connecting piece between the upper clamping piece and the iron core and the connecting piece between the steel pressing plate and the upper clamping piece, measure the insulation resistance between the iron core and the upper and lower clamping pieces and between the steel pressing plate and the iron core. Variety.

3. Bolt tightening, the positive and reverse pressure nails and locking nuts on the clamping piece are not loose, good contact with the insulating washer, no discharge burn marks, the reverse pressure nail has sufficient distance from the upper clamping piece, and the through bolt tightening There is no obvious change in the insulation resistance compared with previous tests; the oil circuit should be unblocked, the oil channel pads should not fall off and block, and should be arranged neatly.