Treatment of transformer core oil leakage

- May 14, 2020-

Oil injection nozzle return oil:

The fuel injection nozzle is a precision component. If the iron core uses unclean diesel or the machine is used for a long time, it will return oil due to wear of the fuel injection nozzle. However, because it is expensive and uneconomical to replace the fuel injection nozzle, in order to avoid oil leakage, the oil can be led back to the oil tank through the oil return pipe, or introduced into the diesel filter. If the oil return pipe is damaged, a piece of plastic pipe can be used to introduce the oil into a self-contained container, filter it, and then return it to the oil tank.

Leakage in oil delivery:

Appropriate treatment can be made for each situation:

If the gasket of the hollow screw of the oil pipe is not flat, the gasket can be removed, flattened and then replaced. If the problem cannot be solved, a new gasket can be replaced, or a thicker soft plastic material is cut into the gasket and replaced;

The oil leakage at the plastic oil pipe and the metal joint is mostly caused by the hardening or cracking of the plastic oil pipe. You can cut off the hardened and cracked parts, then soften it with hot water, install it on the metal joint while hot, and then tie it with metal wire;

If the metal oil pipeline ruptures and leaks oil, the cracked area can be brazed. In addition, in order to prevent the oil pipeline from rupturing, the curve should be appropriate when installing the oil pipeline, do not pull the installation hard, and the tube body should not contact the fuselage to avoid wear and tear.

Oil leakage of valve chamber cover: When the valve chamber cover is installed, if the tightening force is too large, it will easily deform and leak oil. At this time, the valve cover of the oil leakage can be removed, and the shape of the contact surface can be flattened by carefully hammering and shaping with a wooden stick, and then the gasket can be fitted and installed.