UI Transformer iron core shape advantage

- Jan 12, 2019-

From a production perspective, the UI transformer r core saves material. As we all know, transformer design should consider many factors, such as price, volume and weight from the economic point of view, from the perspective of technical indicators, voltage adjustment rate, temperature rise, efficiency and various technical indicators should be considered. In most cases, we consider the temperature rise not to exceed the degree, and the temperature rise is determined by the iron loss and copper loss.


The UI transformer r core adopts the winding process, and there is no air gap in the middle. Under the condition that the Pc/kg value is the same, both are 1W/kg, the magnetic flux density B is 60% higher than that of the CD core. . This means that it is good for a series of aspects such as volume, weight, and voltage regulation. This will be a virtuous circle.


That is to say, the transformer product using the UI transformer r core has higher working efficiency, small volume and light weight. This is because the material used for the r core is a high-grade cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet. After the iron core is wound, it is annealed to rearrange the molecular structure of the silicon steel sheet.