UI transformer lamination core processing quality management method

- Dec 01, 2018-

The UI transformer lamination core should ensure that the geometric scale is not out of tolerance before leaving the factory, the no-load loss does not exceed the planned value, and there is no rust. The appearance is free of rust, the iron core column is not skewed, not bent, not deflected, and the end iron is not bent and deformed. The operator's self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time quality viewers can view the combined criteria, and then pass to the next step.


The UI Transformer Laminated Core Production Technology Department selects silicon steel sheets reasonably according to the sales contract and the core diameter request, leaving a reasonable technical coefficient for the shearing and lamination. If the shearing and stacking techniques are normal, the no-load loss error is ±3% or more. After the processing workshop has obtained the accounting drawings, the first check the drawings, whether the technical coefficient can be satisfied, and if necessary, communicate with the technical department in time for timely adjustment.


The silicon steel sheet should be selected and processed before the UI transformer core is cut. It is not necessary to have unqualified silicon steel sheets such as creases. It is forbidden to operate rough when operating. When cutting the sheet, pay attention to the rolling direction of the silicon steel sheet and the length of the shear sheet. The direction should be the same as the rolling direction.