What are the consequences of insulation damage ofei transformer lamination sheet

- May 21, 2019-

The good performance of the laminate makes it a necessary material in the transformer, but many friends have such problems in use, ei transformer laminate insulation damage, it will cause a lot of harm. If the insulation of the ei transformer laminate is damaged, the resistance will increase, and the increase of the resistance will cause the iron core to heat up. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the coil is easily burned out, resulting in damage to the transformer.


The output voltage is unstable, which affects the normal use of other electrical equipment. Some electrical equipment can output normal voltage after being transformed by transformer, but once the insulation of ei transformer laminate is damaged, its output voltage will be unstable. For some electrical appliances with high voltage requirements, it will be serious. Affects its normal use, and even burns electrical equipment because of improper voltage.


The quality of the ei transformer laminate determines the degree of iron loss and also determines the service life. If the insulation of the ei transformer laminate is damaged, the iron loss will be greatly increased during use, and the use of the transformer will also be shortened. Therefore, it should be avoided as much as possible so that it will not affect our normal use and life.