What are the performance indicators of the EI Transformer Lamination Core?

- Nov 08, 2018-

Speaking of the performance index of the core of the EI transformer, the first thing to note is that its iron loss is relatively low, the lower the iron loss, the higher the grade and the higher the quality. And because the core surface of the EI transformer is smooth, flat and uniform in thickness, its stacking factor is relatively high.


Secondly, under the same magnetic field, the core of the EI transformer can obtain a relatively high magnetic sensation. The motor or the transformer core made by it has a small volume and weight, and relatively saves silicon steel sheets, copper wires and insulating materials. This is good for punching, which is more important for making small, micro motor cores.


The core surface of EI transformer coating is better for the adhesion and soldering performance of this insulating film; it is more important for the manufacture of miniature and small motors; the adhesion of this surface insulating film and the good solderability can prevent corrosion and improve Punching. When used, there is basically no magnetic aging.http://www.chenglion.com/