What is cold rolled oriented silicon steel sheet?

- Oct 01, 2020-

The main purpose of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel strip is for transformer manufacturing, so it is also called cold-rolled transformer silicon steel. Compared with cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, oriented silicon steel has a strong magnetic directionality; it has superior high permeability and low loss characteristics in the rolling direction of easy magnetization. The iron loss of the oriented steel strip in the rolling direction is only 1/3 of the transverse direction. The magnetic permeability ratio is 6:1, and the iron loss is about 1/2 of that of the hot rolled strip, and the magnetic permeability is 2.5 of the latter. Times.

The expression method of cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet: DW + iron loss value (at a frequency of 50HZ, the peak value of the magnetic induction with a sinusoidal waveform is 1.5T iron loss per unit weight.) 100 times + 100 times the thickness value. For example, DW470-50 represents a cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel with a core loss value of 4.7w/kg and a thickness of 0.5mm. The new model is represented as 50W470. +Code A+guaranteed iron loss value (the value of the iron loss value when the frequency is 50HZ and the maximum magnetic flux density is 1.5T is expanded by 100 times). For example, 50A470 represents a cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel strip with a thickness of 0.5mm and a guaranteed iron loss value ≤4.7. H series are generally cold-rolled non-oriented medium and high silicon content, and there are also 0.35mm flakes. But the output is very small,--generally used in demanding occasions.