What is the role of the transformer core? How to reduce core loss?

- Feb 20, 2020-

In the laminated iron core transformer, the iron core mainly has the following two functions:


1. As an intermediate medium for electromagnetic conversion, convert primary energy to secondary side;


2. As a supporting skeleton of the coil and body.


Reducing losses can be considered in the following directions:


1. Use high-quality iron cores, such as cold-rolled silicon steel sheets with lower unit loss or amorphous alloy iron cores;


2. Good stacking technology to prevent the core from being stressed too much or too little (amorphous alloy core cannot be stressed);


3. Reduce the number of seams, increase the seam area, increase the number of lamination stages, use diagonal seams and other methods to expand the seam area and reduce the magnetic loss at the seam


4. The calculation of appropriately reducing the core magnetic density.