Production Process Of Silicon Steel

- Aug 31, 2018-


Through descaling machine and hydrochloric acid tank, remove the oxide of hot-rolled steel strip to prevent the surface defects of cold-rolled finished products.

Cold Stamping

In order to ensure the thickness and material of different uses, the deceleration ratio is set at 40%-90%, and advanced control devices such as automatic thickness control and automatic shape control are realized.

Annealing It is the engineering of the steel strip material which is hardened in the cold stamping engineering.

Through the metal heating and rapid cooling, the production of deep-processing steel and high-tensile steel, and the use of boxed (hood annealing) annealing and continuous annealing method.

Insulating coating When the silicon steel plate is processed into an iron core, a continuous coating device is used to spray the insulating coating on the steel plate in order to improve its processing performance and prevent the loss of eddy current equivalent to the thickness squared of the steel plate.